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A lot of people, or the people they love, have an air adventure on their bucket list. And it’s not easy finding the right place to make the dream come true. But Fly Biplane can help.

I’m John Race, professional pilot for over 40 years. I offer biplane rides over Pioneer Valley. I fly a classic 1940’s Waco biplane, and I’m here to help you have an unforgettable adventure with the ones you love.

Here's the plan. Book a time that works for you here on the website. Then come out to the airport for an introduction to the plane, and a conversation about the sights you want to see. Climb in and let everything go. Let the wind move your heart and new perspectives open your mind. Bring your camera if you want pictures too.

Not everyone is bold enough to adventure into the sky in an open cockpit. And some want to come down the first minute we leave the ground. But if you have an appetite for fun and adventure, come take in the views! Flights like this leave you feeling joy and wonderment. You can do it!

John Race
Fly Biplane @ Race Aviation
Let's Go

Wait... Where Are We Going?

It's an aerial tour of the Connecticut River valley around Amherst and Northampton

We'll fly over the Conneticut River, Smith College and U Mass,

Frequently Asked Questions Section

Reach out with any questions!

How far in advance can I schedule my biplane ride?

We generally try not to schedule flights more than two weeks in advance due to considerations for weather, aircraft and pilot availability.

What is the best time of day to fly a biplane?

Anytime of day can be good although early mornings and late afternoons are often the best for absolutely smooth “glassy air” Don’t discount cloudy days. Those days spectacular as well.

What is the best time of year to fly a biplane?

Spring, summer and fall are all spectacular in the pioneer valley where we fly. Many people think that the best time to take a flight is during the fall foliage season. Unfortunately this is a bit of a misconception. The cooler and shorter days in the fall are more likely to be windy due to the change of season so it’s really hit or miss when it comes to finding a good day in the fall.

How many people can go at a time?

The Waco biplane accommodates two passengers sitting side by side in the front cockpit. However there is a weight restriction of 340 lbs (combined weight of both passengers).

Can I take pictures during our biplane ride?

Yes, bring your camera or your iphone.

Is the price the same for either one or two passengers?

Price is the same for either single or double occupancy. In other words the price is the price of the flight, NOT the price per passenger.

Is any special clothing or apparel needed for flying a biplane?

Generally not. Whatever clothing you need to be comfortable on the ground for any given day is sufficient for you flight. but it never hurts to bring a sweatshirt just in case. The difference in air temperature on the ground and at 1,000 feet above the ground where we fly only varies by a couple of degrees. We provide a cloth helmets and earphones.

Is there an age limit for passengers?

There is no age limit. We have flown 8 year olds sitting on an elevated seat cushion next to one of their parents and 90 year olds .who take a little extra time getting in and out. Be sure to look at out photo gallery on face book to see those smiling faces of all ages. However the recommended height is not less than 4’0” or more than 6’10”.

What if the weather turns out to bad on the day of our scheduled flight?

Flights can easily be rebooked for no additional fee. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for you.

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No regrets flying high in the sky in a classic Waco biplane.

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